Universal Souls

Energy and Synergy with Reiki

The ancient practise of Reiki addresses imbalances in your physical, mental and emotional state, as well as energy levels on a personal and universal scale. Reiki is an extremely effective modality to assist individuals to increase awareness, insight, wellbeing and personal growth. Reiki tunes into your body’s bio-magnetic field to provide an accurate indication of your current physical and mental state. Our unique Sheez Like the Wind programs incorporate individual and group Reiki sessions together with an equine partner, providing instant feedback into your energetic state, thus facilitating the healing process, both physically and emotionally.

One and two-day training workshops available in Reiki 1, 2, 3 (Master), as well as Equine Reiki (for horses) and Human-Horse Reiki (for humans with the assistance of horses).

Benefits of learning to practise Reiki for yourself, for others and your horse:

  • Practise Reiki to harness the power of peace and compassion
  • Heal yourself, your horse and your loved ones, physically, emotionally and spiritually
  • Comprehend how you and your horse perceive and transmit energy
  • Tune into your heart and your body through an energetic “feel”
  • Deepen your sense of self-awareness, self-efficacy and self-love
  • Tap into the broader universal and energetic forces around you and within your heart
  • Create balance and harmony through spiritual connection, meditation and healing
  • Embody the sacred practise of “being” for clarity, inner peace and a harmonious life


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