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The Sheez Like the Wind team brings together a group of highly skilled Equine Assisted Learning professionals, bonded by close friendships and a plethora of knowledge and experience.

Eleni Argy

Founder & CEO
BA with Honours / Harvard University

Principal Equine Program Facilitator

Certified Professional Life Coach

Integrative Wellness Practitioner

Master in Usui Reiki 

Eleni is a youth and family specialist and certified Professional Life Coach and Practitioner in Integrative Wellness, imparting a plethora of knowledge and experience in managing and designing innovative experiential programs for young people and adults, spanning over 25 years in the USA, Europe, Africa and Australia. With an Honours degree from Harvard University, and graduate work in the Social Sciences, Eleni brings extensive specialised training and experience in Trauma Informed Practice, Therapeutic Crisis Intervention, Brief Solution-Focused Therapy, as well as a number of other holistic modalities, addressing complex life issues such as anxiety, depression, suicidality and self-harm, post traumatic stress, substance misuse, eating disorders, low self-esteem, school disengagement, relationship and family breakdown, grief and loss, communication barriers, and complex behaviours in children and teenagers.

Eleni has devised and facilitated motivational alternative learning programs through countless educational institutions and community organisations worldwide, and has been a lecturer and facilitator in various colleges and universities across the globe. Eleni’s expertise in program design harmonises with individual and group objectives to achieve the ultimate educational and personal outcomes. Being a horse owner for several decades, Eleni has worked with well-known international equine trainers and mentors, who have imparted their wisdom and intimate knowledge of horse behaviours, thus fostering the development of the innovative Sheez Like the Wind workshop models. In addition, Eleni is a Master in Usui Reiki, and incorporates energy healing, mindfulness, holistic healing and self-awareness into her daily life, as well as her work with horses and people. For her community endeavours highlighting prominent mental health issues affecting youth, individuals and families, Eleni was recognised at Blackmores Mercie Whellan Women and Wellbeing Awards as a Finalist among the Most Inspiring Women of 2019 for her inspirational life journey, demonstrating the courage and determination to overcome her own adversity and to inspire others , as well as the 2019 Women with Altitude Awards as a Finalist in the Pay it Forward / Unsung Hero category.  Eleni’s is thrilled to offer her unique experiential programs in Equine Assisted Learning and Wellbeing to an ever-evolving international community, spanning across several continents, through a global network of people and organisations supporting the social enterprise ventures of Sheez Like the Wind Equine Experiences! 



Elle Levey

Equine Assisted Learning Practitioner (EPI model)
BSc/BA (psych) 2nd year, ACAP College

Diploma in Counselling – Registered Counsellor

Elle is passionate in combining her knowledge and practice in counselling and psychology with her lifetime experiences with horses. Elle started riding at the age of 5, and has remained working with horses until the present day. Her love and bond with horses has been a natural drawing to Equine Assisted Therapy, a beautiful pairing with her passion to assist and support young people in their own personal growth, development and empowerment. Elle has developed an extensive understanding of working with children and adolescents, empowering them to develop awareness, confidence, self-esteem and new ways of being in a relationship, within a therapeutic context. Elle has worked for several years as an Equine Assisted Learning practitioner, and brings her proficiency with horses and children to the Sheez Like the Wind team.

Elle and Eleni met in 1996, and developed a strong friendship over endless hours in the saddle, riding horses together through the beautiful bushland of Sydney’s north shore, while contemplating life’s beauties and challenges. Elle’s warm and gentle approach contributes to Sheez Like the Wind’s therapeutic services in a wholistic way, and the strong personal connection between Eleni and Elle creates a beautifully balanced approach in both individual and group programs. With the expansion of the Sheez Like the Wind programs, this dynamic duo have come together in a professional capacity, co-facilitating Equine Assisted Learning programs with transformational results.


Charlotte Bamborough

Equine Program Coordinator
Cert II / Community Services

Charlotte has been around horses since she was 6 years old, always gravitating towards everything horse-related from a young age. Charlotte developed her horse riding skills at Malabar riding school where she spent a lot of time in and out of the saddle, often assisting other riders and schooling problematic horses. She developed her showjumping and dressage abilities at Budapest Riding School in Sydney’s Centennial Park. Charlotte offers her heart and soul in everything she does, and has been involved in many riding programs where she has supported children with a variety of needs through equine assisted activities. Growing up with horses helped Charlotte develop self-confidence, gave her a healthy social outlet, and assisted her in developing a strong sense of belonging and identity, also allowing her to address significant personal issues, such as her own anxiety.

Charlotte met Eleni in 2011 in an alternative education program which Eleni was facilitating, involving innovative learning activities for young people. At that time, Eleni and Charlotte vowed that one day they would work together in some capacity with horses and people. Eleni has continued to mentor Charlotte over the past 8 years, and together, they are fulfilling their vision of helping people through very unique equine experiences at Sheez Like the Wind.

Courtney Parsons

Equine Program Assistant 
Bachelor of Actuarial Studies & Applied Finance
3rd year Macquarie University

Courtney is a riding school instructor from South Sydney who has been involved with horses for the past ten years. Courtney recently travelled to outback Australia to learn how to train unhandled brumbies into riding horses using fear-free methods, training a brumby herself in the process, within a week. She has two horses of her own, Lily, the desert brumby, and her older Arabian mare, Honey. She is currently studying a double degree in Applied Finance and Actuarial Studies to hopefully fund her horse addiction in the long run! Courtney’s skills in horsemanship, her vibrant personality, and her strong knowledge in the finance sector are very valuable assets in Sheez Like the Wind’s programs and fundraising efforts, for the numerous community programs and events that we are making accessible to vulnerable and disadvantaged participants.

Courtney has known Eleni for the past several years, having met through a mutual love of horses, and she was inspired by Eleni’s passion. Having completed the Sheez “Winds of Change” facilitator training,  Courtney has developed a strong interest in Eleni’s work regarding mental health, particularly that which incorporates animals, and hopes to work further in this field.

Tess Olchoway

Equine Program Assistant 
Bachelor of Social Work, 3rd year University of Western Sydney

Tess has been involved with horses for 15 years. She has her own horse, a flashy 8-year-old Paint quarter horse named Ranger, who she rides for pleasure. She is studying a Bachelor of Social Work at the University of Western Sydney and is currently in her third year of studies. Tess is active in local equestrian events and plans to continue to expand her riding capabilities in various disciplines. Tess has completed the “Winds of Change” facilitator training, and is currently expanding her skills and knowledge in the Sheez Like the Wind models

Tess hopes that in the future she will be able to incorporate her love of horses into her community social work. Tess met Eleni through a shared interest in horses and human services, and was very interested in Eleni’s programs connecting people and horses. Tess’s kind and gentle personality is well suited  to the Sheez Like the Wind team, and she is keen to expand her skills and knowledge, and continue to work in the Equine Assisted field in the future.

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