"Be free, like the wind"

Equine experiences that transform.

“Experience the magic of horses through a playful amalgamation of energies that speak to the heart.”

 – Eleni Argy, Founder


“Experience the magic of horses through a playful amalgamation of energies that speak to the heart.”

Eleni Argy, Founder


Our Programs

Four Winds:

Horses Healing Healers™

Intensive Equine-Assisted Support programs for Social Workers, Youth Workers, Mental Health Practitioners, Teachers, and any community service professionals who support others, work in crisis situations, or experience compassion fatigue.

The Perfect “10”:

Cowgirls and Horses

 All-female program empowering girls and women to address issues that will nurture their full potential, with a special focus on lasting positive life changes through improved strategies for mental health, confidence, healthy relationships, and self-care.

Winds of Change:

Working with Kids and Horses™

Series of Equine Facilitator workshops for practitioners interested in developing Equine Assisted Learning programs and activities for children and young people, as well as an introduction to safely working with kids who have experienced significant challenges.

The Cowboy Code:

Ego and Ethics™

Unique males-only workshop for boys and men of all ages, exploring a sense of self, intellect, mindfulness, leadership,  values, beliefs and ethics, through a powerful and dynamic experience addressing a variety of prominent men’s issues.

Angels In The Wind

LGBTQIA+ Youth and Families

Equine-Assisted activities and specialised facilitation for LGBTQIA+ youth and their families, addressing issues such as bullying, isolation, discrimination, building healthy relationships, self-love, self-awareness and self-acceptance.

Lead with Kindness

Youth Mentoring

A selective mentoring program for vulnerable young people who are matched with an individually chosen sponsor, to explore vital skills in leadership, communication, partnerships, teamwork and relationships, while enhancing employability.


Free Like The Wind

Equine Assisted Wellbeing

Holistic wellbeing sessions facilitated in magnificent natural locations, beaches, rivers and stunning bushland, tailored to individuals or groups, for a powerful balance of energies within the sanctity of nature.

Be Like The Wind

Individual, Group & Family Sessions

Tailored equine experiences for individuals, groups or families addressing issues such as  personal goal setting, self-reflection, healthy relationships, communication, trust, respect, traumatic events and other individualised topics of your choice.

Universal Souls

 Equine Experience Reiki

An unparalleled opportunity to experience Reiki in the presence of horses, as well as learn these powerful energy healing techniques in a specialised Certification Training in traditional Japanese and Tibetan methods, Levels 1, 2 and 3 (Master) in Usui Reiki, and a combined certification in Equine Reiki, Animal Reiki and Equine Experience Reiki, incorporating energetics in a nature-based setting, drawing wisdom from the world of horses.

Equine Experience International

Training & Community Engagement 

World-class in-person and online training and development workshops for Equine Practitioners and other professionals within our local and global communities that allow connections with horses to be accessible to more people, as well as vulnerable and disadvantaged populations, filling an essential gap in therapeutic service delivery worldwide.

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