Lead with Kindness

Youth Mentoring

Are you a corporate professional looking for an extraordinary encounter where you can impart some of your knowledge and experience for a good cause? We would love for you to join the Sheez Like the Wind crew of community mentors offering guidance to vulnerable young people in need of support. You will be individually matched based on shared interests with a local young person, and, as a team, you will learn and exchange vital skills in Leadership, Communication and Partnerships through Equine Assisted Learning activities. Our aim is to increase engagement in Education and Employment, and to give young people the motivation and confidence to follow their dreams. Past mentors have expressed life-changing revelations for themselves through this program, and outcomes for young people include increased engagement in school and employment, with a reduction in criminal activity and drug use, as well as a strengthening of values, self-belief and a sense of purpose.  Your corporate donation will allow each young person to participate in this workshop free of charge. If you are a young person who is struggling and might benefit from a warm, supportive environment with trusted mentors and fun horse activities, or if you know of anyone who might need some help and guidance through this amazing experience, please contact our team today!

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