Our Story

The Sheez Like the Wind story is one of uninhibited bravery and unbounded courage, of a profound strength in self-discovery, and of the power of kindness within ourselves, our environment and humanity. You are about to embark on a limitless journey of possibilities, where you will see yourself and the world in a new light.

 What I have experienced in my interactions with horses over several decades is that, when horses are in the presence of humans, they identify the true nature of what they sense and see. Horses are sentient beings, with sensitive emotions, sensations and perceptions, and the ability to feel, think and reason, much like humans do. Horses are genuine reflections of authenticity, as they can only be what they are, in this very moment, without judgement of themselves or others. Horses can only tell the truth and there is no fooling them, with the inherent ability to feel and respond immediately to every subtle movement and change in their environment. Therefore, their instincts are fine-tuned to identifying the authentic intent of any living organism in their surroundings. When humans are given the opportunity to see themselves in this reflection, in the presence of horses, the self-awareness that emerges is often life-changing.

Traversing my own personal journey of severe childhood and adolescent trauma, I found myself gravitating towards connections with horses, who graciously held my heart in the most accepting and non-judgemental way. Horses confronted me with some challenging truths about myself, but gifted to me  the unconditional love and acceptance which I so desperately needed, in order to navigate through my life’s challenges in an authentic way. In the presence of horses, my past did not matter, as they accepted me, in the moment, for who I really am. Their compassion, honesty, playfulness, and willingness to truly connect with me, despite my past and my pain, guided me to a place of clarity, where my wounds began to heal.

I realised that the parallels between the human and equine worlds are profound. Horses live in complete balance with themselves and nature. Their bonds with each other and with humans are driven by kindness, acceptance, forgiveness and love. Their communication is subtle and delicate, yet incredibly intelligent. Their social relationships are powerful and intricately advanced, and their interactions promote the safety and security of their connections with each other, which allows them to exist in perfect harmony within nature.  I became exceedingly fascinated by how much humans can learn from the sophisticated, yet inherently simplistic,  world of horses.

Navigating a long-spanning career of working with children and teenagers, I always gravitated towards young people with challenges and vulnerabilities, feeling that I had an innate understanding and affinity with them,  through what I had experienced myself as a child. Witnessing young people grow and evolve from a place of darkness to one of excitement and joy, was what inspired me to create safe spaces for growth and personal development in an alternative way. Countless kids, families, friends, colleagues and neighbours loved to visit my horses, and I began to merge my work with people with my love for these beautiful animals. Children who had not smiled in a while began to suddenly laugh and play, and also express themselves without fear and with an open heart. Beholding this transformation was truly magical. These precious moments of profound change, sparked conversations that were meaningful and intelligent, full of emotion and awareness. Seeing how simple interactions with horses could change people’s image of themselves, their relationships with others and their views of life, fuelled my motivation to create experiential programs involving horse and human interactions, where people could discover a true sense of identity, an avenue for healing, and a pathway for happiness. 

I would love for you to join me in an exploration of Self and Spirit… of Family and Community… of Love and Connection… through discovering the magical realm of horses!

Welcome to Sheez Like the Wind Equine Experiences,  a social enterprise devoted to supporting individuals, families and vulnerable populations through a strong commitment to social justice, improved education services, and increased awareness and accessibility to mental health supports in our community and globally. 

Come experience the harmony and peace of the herd, where you will be gifted the freedom within your heart to simply BE.

With love and gratitude,

Eleni Argy, Founder and Principal Facilitator

Your Journey

Embarking on a Sheez Like the Wind Equine Experiences adventure requires a true look within yourself. We provide an environment that is emotionally safe for you to delve into any issues you are faced with, or any barriers you wish to overcome. We will also provide a space that is physically safe, within nature, with horses as your partnering guides into a journey that will sometimes be deep, other times playful, occasionally confronting, but most always inspiring you to move towards a powerful point of change. We offer an initial one-to-one consultation to discuss your individual requirements and to design the activities and interactions with our equine partners that will best serve your needs.

We can deliver an individual session for you only, or a group session for your family, several friends, group of people from your workplace, or any other tailored workshop of your preference. You can also choose any of the dynamic and educational programs already on offer, which provide opportunities for you to meet other people, interacting through dynamic experiential activities. We are able to design an ongoing Equine Experiences support program specifically for you, so that you are receiving consistent contact with our knowledgeable staff, and have ample opportunities to bond with the horses at a deeper level, while addressing your personal goals.

Sheez Like the Wind Equine Experiences offers a multitude of opportunities for you to experience the profoundly exciting, but very subtle energy of horses in an environment that is totally calming, yet spiritually invigorating. Sheez Like the Wind is sure to bring out the authenticity and inner child in everyone. We look forward to sharing with you the enchantment of the equine world, through the true magic that is YOU!

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