Winds of Change

Working with Kids and Horses™

Have you always wanted to work with kids and horses, but are unsure where to begin? Or do you have an existing equine business and want to incorporate easy and fun activities specifically for young people? Take part in this dynamic series of  Equine Facilitator workshops for all types of practitioners interested in developing basic and simple Equine Assisted Learning programs for children and youth. Many of the participants obtain valuable work experience or internships at Sheez Like the Wind, or other associated organisations. These all-day workshops address setting up new programs in a safe way, with practical and experiential learning opportunities, discussions, group work and special guests. And of course, plenty of interactions and games with our human and equine friends, and international participants can join our interactive online version of Winds of Change with personalised mentoring!

I experienced one of Sheez Like the Wind’s clinics first-hand yesterday and WOW! Eleni is so knowledgeable, and it is clear how passionate she is about her work. Even as an experienced horse person, I learned so much, and found her content so engaging. Would definitely recommend.


October, 2018

Attended one of Eleni’s clinics and she is just amazing, she made me realise what’s going on with my own horse and even provided so much support to help. 110% recommend to join one of Eleni’s clinics.


October, 2018

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