Be Like The Wind

Individual, Group and Family Sessions

Allow yourself to be like the wind! Simply free! Individual equine coaching sessions, combined with horse wisdom, will address issues such as releasing past patterns, achieving personal goals, self-awareness and reflection, improving relationships, finding better ways to communicate, setting boundaries with others, overcoming traumatic events and any other tailored and individualised issues that are important to you. Allowing the horses to be your guides will open the way to a self-directed experience, that will convey surprising results. Positive life shifts often occur in every session, as horses possess an innate ability to reflect and release our deepest thoughts and emotions, thus allowing for a profound healing experience.

Our dynamic group and family programs foster emotional wellness, confidence, creativity, problem-solving, teamwork, kindness, compassion and respectful relationships with ourselves and others. Our experienced facilitators will help you and your group to explore the magical world of horses, while learning very valuable life lessons for humans. Group workshops can be tailored to schools, community groups, family members, friends or corporate teams. Specially tailored facilitation will address any issues that are significant and relevant to you and and the individuals in your group. Bring your favourite cowboy hat, or borrow one of ours for some fun photos, playful teamwork, powerful introspection, and definitely some excitement and laughter in this unforgettable experience!

Cant speak highly enough about Eleni. Wonderful calm person. She helped my 8 year old grandson getting over his fear of horses. We came with my grandson standing well away from the horses not wanting to go near. Within two days he was brushing, feeding, walking them around the paddock. He absolutely loved his time with Eleni. Cant thank you enough.


July, 2018

Magical indeed. This was such a sweet, transformative experience. One of the most beautiful experiences I’ve been blessed to have. Eleni’s compassionate guidance is richly empowering and lovingly profound.  So blessed! 


March, 2018

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