Four Winds:

Horses Healing Healers™

This special workshop is designed to assist our community helpers through our intensive support activities for Social Workers, Youth Workers, Mental Health Practitioners, Child and Family Workers, Teachers and any practitioners working front-line support roles or in crisis situations with children, youth, families and the community.

Our Four Winds: Horses Healing Healers”  model can be tailored to address the specific self-care needs of your group, and is also suitable for anyone experiencing PTSD, vicarious trauma or compassion fatigue. Emergency “first responders” such as Police, Paramedics and Firefighters, as well as Military personnel, always participate in the Four Winds program FREE of charge, or by donation. 

Contact our team to tailor a workshop specifically for the individuals in your group, through the calming interactions with our herd.


Woah honestly. I have never experienced this kind of connection before with an animal. So enlightening and so easily related back to human interactions. Completely makes you self-reflect on your own day to day stressors and shows you how to handle yourself with beautiful non-verbal communication.


September, 2018

I’ve always loved horses, so majestic, powerful and calming. Today showed me that when your heart is open, anything is possible. To be in the space of a magnificent animal that can read your every move, feel your energy and calm you in minutes if you let it, this is magic.. thank you Eleni, so much, for sharing your time and showing a group of us how to communicate and understand ourselves more and the power of being still…


November, 2018

Thoroughly enjoyed myself. Such a powerful and overall AHMAZING experience. Sheez Like the Wind  has made such an incredible impact on me personally and professionally. I participated firstly in an individual session, and then in some tailored group programs with my youth work staff, where we were challenged to work together as a team.  Every time I go, I am moved at a deeper level by the self-awareness that emerges by interacting with such beautiful animals. Absolutely LOVED it. 


January, 2019

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